From The Beginning

There has to be a better way to make a living.
I will find it.

Send your bright ideas to Curt.

So, I picked up this domain in July of 2002. It was a simple page, that did nothing except display my goal of finding some way to make a living without working. It was somewhat of a hit. The site has received hits (legit people-type hits) from all over the world. It’s been linked by blogs, news articles, myspace (remember myspace?) pages, college bulletin boards, and other corners of the net. I was even asked for an interview by a radio station in Canada. Also, most people react favorably when I tell them my email address. You’d think I should have been on my way to attaining my stated goal.

But alas…

The basic idea was to make a living without working, and unfortunately promoting a site and trying to make something of it would have been just that, WORK. I am not a hypocrite.

The site has gone through some changes over the years. Anything I could do in less than an hour seemed, to me, worth the minimal effort it took without actually flying in the face of my core objective. I’ve set up Cafe Press stores a couple of times and sold some hats (bad hair day mitigators), but certainly not enough of them to quit working. I had a Paypal donate button up for quite a while, and that made me exactly $0.00. I put up links to my brother’s band and a company I worked for. Both of those resulted in some additional hits for them, but nothing that allowed me to retire. I made some home-brew pen testing tools that I wrote available for a few years. I gave those away for free. That didn’t seem to work either.

So, now it’s 2016. I still work. I still don’t want to. I started a blog.

Got any bright ideas?

Rock on,